Digital Marketing Opportunities During Pandemic

Sara Arif

Sara Arif

March 28, 2020 Challenge

We all are well aware that this pandemic has changed our way of living drastically. Dealings in every walk of life have been affected due to this pandemic. We can observe how much the business dealings has changed from physical presence to online meetings. It is high time that businesses should realize the importance of digital marketing for the growth of their own growth. This is the only platform now which can provide the most opportunities to the businesses to expand themselves. The businesses should avail this opportunity in making the most of their time and costs.

The pandemic has made the people to have some realizations. One of the most important realizations for the business community is their online presence. Businesses and companies are mostly carrying on their work from home now. This is an indication of more usage of the internet and social media by the people. Businesses need to change their digital marketing strategies accordingly to the pandemic. Below described are some of the trends that are observed during the pandemic and how the businesses can adapt to the new digital marketing strategies accordingly.

Physical presence is nearly eliminated

Since the start of the pandemic, it has been observed that the businesses have dropped the physical presence of their customers by ninety percent. This has compelled the businesses to change their digital marketing strategies accordingly. The have to change their ways of operating digitally.

The first step in this aspect is maintaining your website. If you were running a business or a company for a long time now and you already have a broad customer base which is loyal to you that you never felt the need to update your website or pay attention to it, now is the time to change this approach. Business transactions are mostly online now and in order to keep your business running in this course of the pandemic, you need to have an elegant website with an easy to use the portal. You need to make sure that your website is working smoothly and your landing pages are optimized in a proper way. Since all of your orders would be online now, the platforms for doing so should be eye-catching and impressive.

The second step would be registering your business on google if you have not done that before. This important for your customers in order to track you down and track you in case of any query. Another step to be taken is to have an active social media presence on the internet. The importance of social media has revealed its true colors in this pandemic. We have realized how vital it is to market your product and expand your business. This would be the most important source of your digital marketing. Be more active and responsive to your customers. Let them know that you are still there to fulfill their needs and make them at ease by letting them know that even the trends around the world has been changed, you are stronger than ever to serve them.

Introducing E-commerce platforms in your business is necessary now. It gives your clients more options to explore and get their needs fulfilled by just clicking their screens. Once you have satisfied all of your existing customer base, its time that you go beyond them and reach out to captivate new customers by promoting yourself appropriately. Make the best of your cost and time by advertising through Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. These are one of the most used platforms  or the purpose of marketing your brand digitally.

COVID-19 dominant searches

Another trend which is widely observed on the internet during this pandemic is the searches mostly looked up by the people. Most of the searches on the Internet are related to COVID-19. This indicates that if you are running a business and already having paid advertisements, you need to look over your digital marketing strategies. This situation calls for some new circumstances meaning that there would be some searches which have never been encountered before and these are totally new to the people. For instance, all the searches related to COVID-19 have never been done before the pandemic.

To adapt to these new searches, businesses need to devise their digital marketing strategy taking into consideration all of these new terms. Since COVID-19 is one of the most searched word on the internet, you should incorporate it in your digital marketing campaign in a creative way. This will make you website or ads more relatable and increase your number of appearances on the internet. These new terms should be kept in check on regular basis in order to make your campaign more innovative and up to date. 

One thing should always be kept in mid before taking into consideration any new terms. The new terms should not have any negative impact on your digital marketing campaign. You need to pick the terms which are the most relevant and appropriate for your business. If you are having paid campaigns, you cannot waste your money on irrelevant terms. You need to make the best out of your investment. There are tools like Google trends which can help you in tracking down what are most common searches on the internet and how you can make those searches relevant to your business. Tools like these can help you understand the priorities of people while searching on the internet.

Adapting the new opportunities

It is a fact that people are still using the internet but the surfing is not just limited to the google search now. It has been observed since the pandemic has hit the world, the traffic on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has increased tremendously. The usage of these social media applications has increased and the businesses need to make the most of this opportunity. How can that be done?

Businesses need to expand their digital marketing campaigns from mere google ads to the social media platforms like You tube and Instagram etc. Google searches are already having a downward trend during the pandemic. People are captivated towards the social media platforms. Make your marketing strategy on Google more effective through Microsoft ads and Google ads but more importantly, have an active social presence on Facebook and Instagram. Create your own page or account and promote them through paid strategies offered by Facebook and Instagram.

We need to realize the importance of innovation at the moment. The trends are severely shifting and the businesses need to do something about that. There are a lot of uncertainties during this pandemic and businesses are having a tough time globally. The only key for the businesses to survive is to make the best use of social media platforms, innovate their marketing strategies and exhibit a positive image to their customers. Adapting to the new situation and acting accordingly seems to be the only solution to thrive in this pandemic.

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