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Farhan Ali

Farhan Ali

June 26, 2020 Perspective

SEO has gain world wide importance in building brands. Even Google Inc has put emphasis on the use of SEO from the very beginning. If you plan on setting a website to build your brand, you should hire an SEO strategist and take him on board with your brand right from that point. Now the question arises Why SEO is of vita importance in building up your brand via digital marketing?

Search engine optimization is not just a cherry on the top, it is the actual plot of building up your brand from the beginning. If you plan on building your brand, you should never delay the use of SEO in doing that. It is because Search engine optimization is all about having a better experience for the user. There is a reason why Google puts emphasis on the use of Search engine optimization. It takes special care about the speed of your website, the web designing pulled of on your website, marketing content of superior standards, user friendliness etc. These all elements are covered under SEO. It affects all these aspects related to the user experience.

Regardless of the business you are doing, it all comes down to the perception of users about your brand. They perceive your brand as you want to portray them. Your whole brand image is dependent on what experience you are having with your users. There are different components of user experience which have to be fulfilled in order for your brand to have good image. These components or attributes are directly affected by SEO as it brings out to the users whether your site is worthy of results they are looking for.

The content on your website should be useful and have superior quality. This can only be done by making your content relevant to your products. The website should be simple and easy to use. It should have aesthetic appeal to the target and potential users. The products or the services on your websites should be easy to locate. There is no room for complexities. The website should be accessible for everyone and the brand you are representing must be credible. These are some of the attributes that make the user experience for your website excellent and helps in getting your brand promoted.

SEO helps in promoting up your website in the relevant search appearances. Here are some of the ways through which SEO can help in promoting your brand

Making Links on Social Platforms

Let’s start from the scratch. The first step which comes in building up your brand is making links on the social media. The goal is to attract as much target audience as you can on your own. This can be done by interacting with the audience through videos, images and other infographics. The idea is to take part actively in the social media communities. For example, Reddit is one of the social media community like this. There are subreddits for literally everything you want to look for. People explore such applications to dig deep about what they want to learn. The community overall is very interactive and people are generally responsive. Interacting with a community like this actually helps you to build a healthy brand for yourself along with the search engine optimization. After all, building your brand is just a hybrid of using SEO and making links on your own. When the SEO is used afterwards, these links play an important role.

Advertising the Optimized Content on your Website

Content creation has always been the most important task for digital marketing. The goal is to always create and optimized content for your website which can attract as many users and target customers. Creative and relevant content always helps the most in building up the brand for your company. When users visit your website, one of the major attributes which create the perception about your brand is the content they see. Users always crave for some new and fresh information. If the content is captivating enough, the users market your brand unknowingly to other people which indirectly increases the audience of your brand and website. The combination of such optimized content along with the use of search engine optimization for improving the appearance of your brand makes the promotion wholesome.

 Long-tail Keywords

This one of the factors where SEO has a direct impact on your brand. The Internet has a variety of search keywords that are used to navigate the stuff users are looking for. All the keywords used to surf on the internet are divided into four categories.

Navigational Keywords

Navigational keywords are the most specific and short keywords used on the Internet. These keywords are straight to the point and are used to reach the exact site, brand or person you are looking for. Example for such keywords include Apple, Microsoft, Gucci etc.

Informational keywords

These keywords are used to look up for the content in more broader view than navigational keywords. These keywords are used to track down the information which is not much specific and can be located on multiple webpages. Example for such keywords include flu symptoms, trip to Istanbul etc.

Transactional Keywords

These keywords are used to get the tasks done. These keywords are more like commands or actions which are used to achieve the intended purpose. These keywords include Subscribe, download, trade etc.

Commercial Keywords

These are the keywords which are simply used before purchasing something. These words include specifications, price etc.

The key here is to use the longtail keywords for advertising your brand. Long keywords have various advantages. It helps you attract the most specific and relevant audience for your brand. The volume of longtail keywords is lower as compared to short-tail keywords. The competition is also lower. One of the major advantages is the cost benefits. Longtail keywords have lower costs than short-tail keywords. Moreover, these keywords help in putting on more focus on the targeted audience.

Aiming at the Niche Customers

In the modern era of digital marketing and branding, businesses are interacting with their audience rather than just communicating with them. Niche audience are a small and focused group of the targeted customers which is the most valuable for the company. These customers help in building up the brand along with the business. Businesses can use the right keyword research to attract their niche audience. How can it help?

As already described, the niche audience help you in building up your brand. By focusing and using the keywords specifically to captivate the niche can be rewarding. It can help in bringing in new customers for the business along with making your ties stronger with the existing customer base. The selection of the most appropriate keywords to influence your niche could be a real game changer for the business.


Search engine optimization is the most effective tool for digital marketing and businesses carrying on digital marketing should adapt to it if they have not done it yet. SEO can help your business in widening its reach and dominate a larger targeted audience.

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