Guide to the Business Growth through Digital Marketing

Sara Arif

Sara Arif

May 21, 2020 Guidance

Digital marketing has become one of the most effective tools for marketing in the modern era. Those times are long gone when people used to see advertisements in the Newspapers or listen to them on the radio. We know for a fact that the Internet has revolutionized the whole world and it is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It is essential for the majority of people now as it has become the most common mode of communicating information to the world. What better medium to advertise your product or service than the internet itself.

We have talked about the importance of internet and digital marketing but the issue at hand is how to effectively market your product through digital media. Every business is aware of the digital platform now and tries to penetrate the market through it but not all of them enjoy the fruit for their efforts. You need to be strategic and smart about pulling off a successful digital marketing campaign. The kind of campaigns that require effort, time, innovation, and creativity.

Here are few steps which you could follow in order to make your digital marketing campaigns fruitful for your business.

Reaching out to the Audience to Act

One of the many techniques to captivate your audience is to call them out to act. This can be done by using an effective tagline like “Start today”, “Sign up now”, “Book your room”, “Sell your car” etc. These taglines can play a vital role in encouraging your audience to become your clients. This strategy is referred to as call-to-action. It is an easy pathway for making your users understand what you do in the simplest way.

A major portion of the audience on any website does not want to explore much and look into it. They just want to have the most convenient way to get their work done. This strategy can help your business in attracting such an audience. It provides clear instructions for getting them straight to the business. CTA is the best technique to make users feel the most relevant to your products or services.

Being Efficient and Persuasive

To make a point for this strategy, let’s get some facts straight about the usage of mobile phones by users. According to a study, an average person looks up to his phone more than 1500 times per week. Another study by Microsoft revealed that the attention span of an average person is about 8 seconds.

Digital marketing for users should be efficient and persuasive. If the message you are displaying for the advertisement on your website is a long one and does not captivate the eyes of the users quickly, the users will lose their interest in your website and move on. The marketing materials you are using should be interesting and compelling as it is a matter of just a few seconds to attract the audience. The messages should be simple and short. Complexities in the messages are never welcomed by the users. The messages could be incentivizing and rewarding too.

Having Straight Forward Landing Pages

You are done with making the perfect and the most compelling ad for your website. Now, what is the next thing to do? Building your landing pages and making them straight forward for the users. If you just put all of your efforts in tailoring the ads and do not focus on the landing page, the user will get confused after clicking the link. He would not know what to do next after being on the landing page.

Making your landing page straight forward and easy to use helps your customer in making their choices. It does not mean having a dry landing page. You should beautify it with the relevant graphical content. The point is to make the time of users worthy enough while they are on the landing page. Add the content which is the more relatable for them along with adding a link to your website.

Inserting Some Great Images

Although there is no match for a high-quality written content in digital marketing, inserting some great images are necessary for grabbing the attention of the users. High quality images and graphics are always attraction to a normal human eye. These things captivate people more as they do not ask for much of your attention like reading the content. This strategy makes your marketing more effective.

Now, why having just images instead of videos and other animations? The answer is simple. Getting images is much simpler and less time consuming than making videos. It is cheaper too. Hire a professional photographer to capture some high-resolution shots of your products and post them. You can capture the shots of your employees, your work place and even you customers to make your campaign extra ordinary. You can use these pictures on your website and on the print ads like brochures too if you want to.

Be active and Responsive on the social media

If you are running a digital marketing campaign, you are not just limited to updating your ads and pages on the social media. You need to be active on the social media to attract new customers and taking clients on-board. The presence on the social media is necessary and useful. You have to market your products but that does not mean you leave you customers on the social media high and dry.

Engagement with your existing and potential customers is vital for making a difference in your business. This engagement will satisfy your existing customer base and they will spread the word about your way of doing the business and dealings with your customers. This will further attract more customers to your business. Always listen to the concerns of your customers and reply to them at the earliest with a positive attitude. If the customers are having negative feedbacks about your product, reach them out personally and ask them about what they actually want. This will portray a good image of your business.

Innovation with the Technology

Keeping yourself updated with new technological advancements is necessary for a business having a digital marketing campaign. Update the software and the platforms you are using for your campaigns. The world of social media is changing rapidly with new social platforms being introduced. You should be aware of all the new methods used by digital marketers around the world. Innovation is the key to bring in more customers and make your business more successful. Nothing attracts the clients better than innovation and creativity in your digital marketing platforms. An example of the new trends in the live streaming videos of your workplace.


An effective digital marketing campaign is pivotal for businesses to be successful nowadays. Having an active presence on social media is necessary to make new customers as it is the most commonly used platform among people. It gives you the highest reach to spread the word about your brand. It is important to make the maximum use of this platform in expanding your customer base.

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